About EdCamp

What is EdCamp?

EdCamp Grafton is inspired by similar events being organized around the country and the world. If you have never been to an EdCamp before, it will definitely be a new experience. There are no “experts” hired to give a keynote. There are teachers who facilitate sessions and discussions on what matters to them – teaching and learning! If you are planning to come, think about what you might have to share with other teachers in your discipline or grade level. Here are some ideas of what you can offer:

  • Discussions on issues in education
  • Share a model lesson or unit
  • Conduct an inquiry session into a new tool
  • Share something you’re passionate about
  • Discuss new things you’d like to learn more about
  • Share activities you’re looking to improve
  • Anything else you can think of that will get other interested teachers to come and share with you!

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